BNP’s Claims To Legitimacy Will Never Ring True

What's Red, White and Blue and hangs from an arsehole?

What's Red, White and Blue and hangs from an arsehole?

They have a representative on the GLA.  They have numerous councillors.  They purport to have the most popular website of any UK political party, and have just launched a 24-hour Web TV station.  Things right now are looking positive for the BNP.  For a few years now they’ve been slavishly working on overhauling their image – a necessary step considering that Richard Littlejohn (yes, that Richard Littlejohn) has termed them as “knuckle-dragging scum”, and Jon Gaunt considers them too intolerant.  Well, when he’s in front of a TV camera, anyway.  It even seems that this bid for legitimacy is beginning to bear some fruit.  So have the BNP changed?  Are they your friendly, acceptable alternative to the two-and-a-half party cartel?

Well, there are cosmetic changes.  Formerly avowedly racist, the BNP now claim that it’s not race that concerns them, but rather immigration.  Unlike former leader John Tyndall, who proudly proclaimed Mein Kampf as his “Bible” before dying amusingly three years ago, Nick Griffin today distances himself from tags such as “fascist” and “Nazi”.  The party line is that the BNP are not far-right or racist, but “Nationalist”, according to its prominent members.

With Richard Barnbrook‘s election to the GLA came the party’s highest-profile electoral success so far.  It marked a step up from the handful of meaningless local election “victories” that the party’s supporters trumpeted so loudly, which were then followed by the newly-elected BNP councillors not bothering to attend meetings.  It should not be forgotten, however, that the hardly fashionable Green party won twice as many seats as the BNP.  This would seem to point to a fairly qualified success for Britain’s “fastest-growing political party” (a claim which in any case always seems to be something of a desperate reach.  Last I heard Britain’s fastest-growing sport was Ultimate Frisbee, but I’ve yet to see that on TV.  Mind you, I don’t often watch Eurosport).

Anyway, like it or not, the “new and improved” BNP have made some gains, so clearly more and more people are buying the line about them being newly tolerant.  Should they?  I think any regular reader (yes, all three of you) will know what I’m about to say…

In a word, the answer is no.  Take, for example, the party’s Director of Publicity.  A meaty role, especially considering the party’s regular whinges about being denied a public platform.  You’d want someone filling that role to have if not a flawless history, at least an honourable one.  So who is the BNP’s DoP?  Mark Collett. Now, Mark Collett is a fairly intriguing character.  From any angle, he would seem to be a thumping great cock-brain.  A fan of Adolf Hitler and Johnny Adair who openly refers to AIDS as a “friendly disease” because it kills black people and gays.  But if you look at it from a whole other angle, Collett may just be the anti-Nazi movement’s bravest and ballsiest soldier.  He gives the lie to suggestions that the BNP have changed their ways, and no hatchet job from the left or centre could ever more comprehensively quash the myth.

Griffin himself has claimed that the Holocaust was “… a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lie and latter witch-hysteria”.  No amount of spinning or back-tracking can cover up just how vile that statement is.  Griffin may deplore the supposed corruption at the higher end of UK politics, but if Brown, Cameron or Clegg had publicly made such a comment in the past, they would not be leading their parties now.  Are we meant to believe that Griffin has made a 180-degree swerve from holding that view?  And that, knowing what he knew about John Tyndall, he didn’t see the inherent problems in making common cause with him?  He’s a bullshitter, and all that the ongoing makeover of the party shows is that, just like the caricature of a corrupt politician, Nick Griffin will say whatever it takes to get him closer to some little bit of power.  Spin?  How about explaining away the BNP’s bar on non-whites joining the party by deflecting attention on to other groups – none of which are all-white for some reason – that practice a policy of single-race membership.  None of said organisations are aiming to one day be in Parliament.

If one scratches the surface of this supposedly “new” BNP, their bold claims are undermined time and again.  Make no mistake, they’re as repellent as ever.


7 Responses to “BNP’s Claims To Legitimacy Will Never Ring True”

  1. After some years of watching my country’s morale being eroded, leading to our present-day lawlessness, especially under successive governments who can only think of vote catching by employing do-gooders, I feel sad that I am fast losing my English identity. We are becoming a minority in our own country. What a pity we don’t have proportional representation for I will be at a loss come next election. BNP will have my vote if I possibly can.

  2. bootlegmarkchapman Says:

    How, exactly, are YOU losing your British identity? National identity is a personal thing, and it is you who decides whether or not you have it. If that is weakened in times of difficulty, then it doesn’t seem to be worth much anyway. A minority in your own country? At the last count, a minority that numbered nearly 85%. Now I’m no fancy Harvard mathematician, but that sounds a lot like a big majority.

    If you want to send a message to the “do-gooders” and instead vote for the Holocaust deniers, then by all means be my guest. I don’t see why you feel the need to tell me that, but hey – whatever gesture makes you feel good.

  3. You’ve got to admit it, the BNP are gaining support, everyone that I have spoken to seems to agree with all that is wrong with this country and seem to be inadvertantly supporting BNP manifesto – come to think of it so do I. Am I a racist – N0, Am I concerned about my childrens future – Yes!

    Labours current political downturn, contrary to their spin – “It’s the global economy”, “Blame the tories from the eighties” and “We need to sort out the future……Climate Change….Snore ZZzzzzz” – Socialist nonsense!

    Which plastering firm “skimmed” over the hole in the ozone that we were so going to be made extinct from? I reckon it was that polish geezer down the road, who (by the way), is also on benefits while doing a 60 hour week and he drives a 3.0 gas guzzling mo fo?!

  4. bootlegmarkchapman Says:

    Well, it’s for you to decide what’s important to you, and if a short-lived sense of safety is so important that it’s worth electing people who don’t believe the Holocaust happened (or that if it did, it wasn’t a bad thing), then you go ahead. If you think that the current privatisation-happy, war-ready Labour government is even remotely Socialist then I can only wonder what you see as centrist.

    As for the final paragraph, it’s hard to know quite where to start. Are you Richard Littlejohn? That entire paragraph is beyond parody.

  5. lawrence west Says:

    In a real democracy voters have choice, not three parties that all agree on the main issues that affect peoples lives and the future of there children,immigration dont it effect the carbon footprint of this country,? racist ? bnp would not attack iraq and afganistan for no reason, new labour did and killed how many 200.000 is that racist. immigrants given council houses before english people of course not they came here from eastern europe africa asia and bought houses for £300,000 HOW DO YOU THINK SO MANY LIVE HERE NOW they have been subsidized all the way.London bombings 72 victims still no compensation at all. the ministers all raced of to leeds to appese the (locals)sickening tuned my guts.VOTE BNP all the time its our coutry sorry if i have offended but its all true and you know it is.

  6. bootlegmarkchapman Says:

    Lawrence, are you suggesting that Britain is not a real democracy? People DO have a choice, and even after the shambles of the Iraq war Labour were re-elected in 2005. The attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan, whatever their motives, were not racist.

    Read up a little bit on people like Nick Griffin and Mark Collett. Check the history of the BNP. Don’t just blindly accept what you’re told. The BNP prevents non-white Britons from joining – there’s no other way of describing that than racism. The party is rotten from head to toe. Feel free to vote for them. That’s your choice, but the BNP will never gain power because a majority of decent people will never vote for Holocaust deniers who view non-white people as inferior. I will never vote for them, and I will never cease to highlight their seedy endorsement of Nazism and racism.

  7. D. Brum could not be more right about Labour’s failings, lack of policies and ‘blame-it-on-the-Tories-and-global-events’ attitude.

    He could not be more wrong that Labour are Socialist. Furthermore, given the excellent execution of this blog, there’s no excuse for considering the BNP as an alternative.

    Repatriation and the loss of a great big chunk of our workforce won’t rescue our economy.

    Voting for a party who think that homosexuality is morally bankrupt isn’t going to make Britain a better place for anyone.

    One must question the political allegiance of a Holocaust denier.

    Three major factors to consider when we next vote. I promise you, you’re not the only person discontented with Labour. Even those of us on the left are disappointed – but the BNP are not the answer.

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