Blog Review: Richard Barnbrook

Richard Barnbrook spots a black person in the middle distance

Richard Barnbrook spots a black person in the middle distance

Regular readers will know of my unrestrained adoration of Richard Barnbrook, London Assembly member and aspiring film director. It was to my delight, then, that I stumbled across the swivel-eyed racist’s blog on the My Telegraph site. As you will know, because they never tire of telling us, the BNP gets censored at every turn and its members are hauled over the coals for the merest little slip (like suggesting that rape isn’t all that bad). So it’s refreshing to be able to read ole Rich’s words as he intended them to be seen, and for doubt to be removed once and for all – he really is a colossal arsewit.

Recently, Richard has found himself forced to throw light on the tragic situation of John from London – for those of you who don’t wish to be overcome with all-too-understandable emotion at the poor guy’s plight, he is so sickened by the present state of the nation (with all the nasty immigrants) that he is planning to leave the country – or “emigrate” as I believe the vernacular goes. Confusing solution to such a problem, no doubt, but that’s how life is when you’re a “working white class” person in Britain.

Of course, being a dynamic kind of guy, the kind of guy who gets engaged to a woman mere weeks after the start of a relationship because he’s impulsive like that AND DEFINITELY HETEROSEXUAL, Rich doesn’t rely on correspondence from working white class guys to raise awareness of problems. In this post he fearlessly swedges in against the university course on which some British Muslims are learning to fly planes. But just be warned, Muslims – Richard B is on to you! He’s not about to be gagged on this issue, or any other because he is RICHARD BARNBROOK.

It’s not just Muslims and multi-cultural Britain that he’s got in his sights, though. He also makes clear that he’s not about to accept any flannel off renowned Marxist thought-criminal Lily Allen. Having earlier likened her hairstyle to that of Boris Johnson – and isn’t it good to see that the BNP are weighing in on such weighty issues? – Rich approvingly notes that she’s now dyed it “girlie pink” and has been posing on a Union Jack duvet cover. All is in order, yes? Apparently not:

Imagine my surprise though when I found out today that she has written a nasty song about me, called Guess Who Batman? and put it up on youtube. It just shows that one needs to be careful when making comments about silly spoilt pop star girls. She must be mad, and having a little pop star diva strop. Still I reckon she is just frustrasted at being surrounded by non blokes or boys who are girls…whatever they call themselves these days.

I think you might mean “homosexuals”, RB. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten? Probably you’re just frustrated at being surrounded in the GLA by people who don’t agree with you, or sentient beings … whatever they call themselves these days.

But don’t assume from what I’ve said that Richard just churns out the words. He reads what other people have to say for themselves, and even responds with constructive criticism, as seen here on another blogger’s post – a review of To Kill a Mockingbird. See? Richard can speak on the big political issues, he can direct gay porn AND he can berate 18-year-old girls.  You may not agree with him on the issues, but Richard Barnbrook undeniably has style.


16 Responses to “Blog Review: Richard Barnbrook”

  1. Rosemary Ferraro Says:

    I feel so disgusted at the way you speak about Richard Barnbrook. Why do people like you derive so much pleasure in breaking people down like this?

    I have met him and know him and all he wants is to get Britain back into a form of morality and to help all of us feel safe on the streets.

    He is a man who does speak out and he seems to be contradicted by do gooders who are quite happy to see life deteriorate. He wites well and I have enjoyed his blogs which are informative but thanks to you he probably feels ‘ what the hell why bother if I am always criticised like this?’

    I think people have been unkind to him too judging by the way they call him names and yet he is none of these things. He is such a nice person if one bothers getting to know him. He is right in saying he wants to clean up Britain – why not? This is a beautiful country and I feel unsafe here with my child but seems he stands alone when he speaks out and that is wrong. He should be allowed to speak up without always being broken down or having his words misinterpreted.

    I think he is a gentleman and yet if you keep on attacking him all he is going to do is show his tough side.

    He is also well spoken, nice looking and not a whimp.Maybe that makes him stand out too and I feel you are jealous of this man.

    Why can’t people just be nice?? This world is already filled with so much anger. Why don’t we just say ‘Let us be polite to each other and learn to treat each other the way we wish to be treated’

    The poem ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling sums Richard Barnbrook up. He has managed to stay positive despite some of the disgusting articles written here and on google about him, very few of which are true- he is a gentleman, but a man who will not tolerate immorality and yet whatever he does has been twisted.

    He is as human as all of us.

    Let us stop being petty and just focus on the real issues out there.

    people are dying from cancer, there is terrorism and sadness in the world.

    I quoted this beautiful quote about two men who are in the desert

    one looks up and says ‘I see the stars’

    The other says ‘All I see is sand’

    Sir, which one are you??

    thank you

    Rosemary Ferraro [author- of ghost stories and other books-]

  2. Rosemary Ferraro Says:


    Your article is dredging up things we have read over and over- have you no better topics than going back over old issues like the film he made?Did you forget one very important thing? Students are known for being outrageous or rebellious – who has not read about people in the sixties ‘The Hippy era’ who rebelled. When he made this film you constantly enjoy referring to- was he not a student? See this against this backdrop.

    Your reference to his comment on Lily Allen’s hairstyle being like Boris Johnson- I found his writing style very witty and it is his blogs that make me enjoy reading something as he writes very well indeed- and I have enjoyed his blog far more than yours as yours is just finding all the negatives- whereas his was an interesting blog dealing with everyday issues in London at the moment and when he quoted this person John, again, is that not exactly how many people are feeling- many feel they want to leave Britain because of crime and the cost of living is so high, so what is wrong with his comment on this? I don’t understand your point?

    I laughed when I read about Boris’s hair- it is true- his hair is often wild and unruly, and even at Wimbledon the other day his hair was white and blowing wildly in the wind and I packed up laughing. My young son, who is good looking, a Brad Pitt in looks, said ‘Look at Boris’s hair- he looks weird’ and he said it like kids do- with a laugh accompanying that comment.

    As for love and being impulsive- well- Prince Ranier spotted Grace Kelly in his day and fell hopelessly in love-
    John F Kennedy saw Jackie and he too fell in love with her the moment he met her.

    I could quote on love forever.Shakespeare- the greatest playwrite, wrote about love and how impulsive it is-

    If he later broke it of and realised it was not meant to be then good for him.

    He is perhaps wanting a fairytale marriage where it lasts forever and we all know the courts are dealing with broken relationships and marriages daily so yes he broke it off- at least he saw the sense in that and no let us not start analysing who broke it off- the fact is- that is his business and personal life- why do the press always meddle in peoples’s lovelives? I know it is the way you earn your living by being sarcastic and writing these satirical sardonic blogs but does it make you feel better at the end of a lifetime to simply tear a person to tatters like this??

    Finally regarding the GLA- let me say this- when I read his blog about how dull they were there- how they are putting potplants up to separate themselves from him in an office- how childish is that?These are adults who are running London?? I find that very worrying indeed.

    When he was told not to eat his banana- how unkind- are these the people we voted for?

    When he was silenced for talking on the thing that matter- he is not racist- he does not care what colour people are- what he cares about is the way terrorism is threatening Britain- the way gangs are infiltrating the streets and children are being knifed to death for senseless reasons.

    Does this make him racist?? How on earth do you justify these comments?

    If I were Richard I would feel totally let down by people like you with such slanderous comments and attacks on the good he is doing for this country.

    Have you ever read his blogs about him showing concern for the aged- because they suffer?? Have you listened to his interview with a war veteran who is an elderly gentleman who fought for Britain and who now finds it so hard to survive and Richard is worried about these people Sir.

    One day you and I are going to be pensioners too.

    Would we not be glad that there are people like him who care??

    I suppose you will now start breaking me down for standing up for Richard but I feel you need to give him some credit for what he stands for.

    His blog on the GLA showed me a man who is incredibly caring and kind. I just read about what he wants to do to help all of us in England to feel safe.

    How come you missed all that???

    You keep harping on about his video he made. Why??

    Why are you doing this??

    Does it give you a sick sense of pleasure to refer over and over again nauseatingly to the past?

    I suppose you will justify it and say something back to me again but please don’t even try.

    I am a lady and yes a modern one but I do see the humour in Richard’s articles as he is a witty person and he says things that always bring a smile to me and also a tear to my eyes with the kindness he shows to others.

    I wrote this to stand up for him as I am sure others out there will agree- we need to really stop breaking people down now and to just start living our lives in a way where all of us write uplifting things.

    Don’t you feel we need to be a light to others with our words.

    Thank you

    Ms Ferraro

  3. bootlegmarkchapman Says:

    Ms Ferraro,

    you ask after the relevance of the film that Barnbrook made in relation to the present day. Only this: given his homophobic attitudes and those of the party in general, it’s enlightening that he is embarrassed by the episode to the point where he denies there is a homosexual angle to the film. Given the standards to which other public servants are held, if Barnbrook wants to be seen as a “proper” politician, he must be subject to the same attention and standards.

    If he will not tolerate immorality, I find it odd that he first took Simone Clarke from a relationship which had spawned a child, and then proceeded to cheat on her with another woman – this is something to which he admits, and it was Clarke who then ended the engagement. You say that I am jealous of this “man” – yet I am happily married and entirely capable of remaining faithful in a relationship, something that seems to have been beyond Barnbrook.

    As to your remark “I suppose you will justify it and say something back to me again but please don’t even try.” Please, Madam, do not presume to deny me a right of reply on my own blog. You have exercised your right of reply and I will mine. You also say that if I carry on attacking him he will “show his tough side”. Is this some kind of threat? I would be delighted to have a battle of wits with Mr Barnbrook, as he is clearly un-armed.

    I have no desire to dress you down, it is simply a matter of wishing to hold someone who seeks political office to some standard of accountability. Membership of a racist organisation which bars non-white people from its ranks, to me, speaks of very low standards indeed.

  4. Rosemary Ferraro Says:

    Dear Sir

    Thank you for your reply.

    I don’t wish to argue at all.

    I simply wish to show a person’s good points.

    I think that is lovely that you are happily married. That is really uplifting to hear you say that.I agree with your comments on fidelity and infidelity and I too feel people should be loyal to each other.

    I simply feel one should live in peace – and nothing like the present to start doing so.

    I met Mr Barnbrook in August last year and have known him all this time since then.

    I do enjoy reading peoples’ views and opinions and am not denying you your right to also speak out.

    My comment about him being ‘tough’ meant ‘He is a real man and does not show his gentle side especially if people are always breaking him down’

    My point was that I have spent very happy times with Mr Barnbrook and know him to be different to the way he is often portrayed.

    He was in my life when my mother had passed away and he was a form of strength and comfort to me when I visited him.

    I appreciate your comments and thank you for your reply


    Rosemary Ferraro

  5. Rosemary Ferraro Says:

    On this topic of love- my late mother always said all things happen for a reason.

    I do believe that when he finds true love, he will never be unfaithful to the woman who is his soulmate

    Shakespeare said ‘Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds…’

    Richard will marry the woman who is his real soulmate.

    He never mentioned Simone Clarke to me when I was seeing him so she is a person best forgotten now.

    She was a passing fancy not a longterm partner and his flings with other women simply highlighted this.

    He should have just remained friends with her and left it at that.

    But at least he was not married to her.

  6. bootlegmarkchapman Says:

    Um – he WAS engaged to her though. I view an engagement as a significant commitment and I’m only 29. A man in his forties should really know better.

  7. Rosemary Ferraro Says:

    Yes, I agree with you, and I like the way you said you were happily married and loyal to your wife- but then I am a romantic.I can hear you have your soulmate and that is very important.

    We see so many marriages breaking up because of infidelity.

    I loved the story of Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier because theirs was a fairytale marriage too. It seemed happy and they were married forever. Yet there aren’t too many marriages like that amongst the filmstars are there?

    Henry the eighth is a classic example of a man who had many wives. Yes, I know the whole story of him wanting a son and that was his main reason for the betrayals, however, he did at times, fall hopelessly in love with one, only to fall out of love again, and he never behaved himself did he follow through with a fairytale ending? No he did not.

    He was a King for goodness sake, he should have known better.

    I watched the ‘Royal marriages’ series not too long ago on BBC. I was shocked to see how few of those people were committed and they should also have known better.

    I agree with you totally.Commitment is the right word and unless one is totally committed it won’t work.

    My late mother always said to me ‘Even if you do get engaged’ if you find later that you perhaps have made a mistake, best to get out of it.

    I do like the way you said you are loyal and happy with your wife. That to me is the way marriage should be. You are blessed.

    I myself, made a mistake of getting engaged and then I met someone while I was engaged and I thought ‘what is going on now?

    Shakespeare was the greatest playwrite of all. Romeo was in love with Rosaline and madly in love, and then suddenly he met Juliet-[yes he was much younger, I agree, but love knows no age Sir]

    Oh I am no expert on love. I am a romantic and feel that nobody is perfect., We are mere mortals who make mistakes and there is a saying ‘to err is human and to forgive divine’

    The world is filled with people who ‘should be committed and who should know better’

    I read the tabloids and love nothing more than a romantic ending where they sail into the sunset and live happily ever after.

    Every time I watch another romantic royal marriage, I think ‘Oh this is beautiful, I hope this lasts forever and I hope they are committed because they went ahead from the engagement and now into marriage’

    I want to write my next book on the greatest love stories of all times but I am struggling to find examples of happy marriages. Yours is one I enjoyed listening to. I was happy when you wrote and said to me ‘Ms Ferraro, I am a happily married man and I am loyal’ that was really sweet. I like you too Sir!! I do see the good in people and you are ok- yes you made me angry with your article but I feel we have both said how we feel about these things and that is good to talk- very good indeed- if Mugabe could only sit and talk to the world and listen to, just imagine what a difference that would make but no, the man is not prepared to listen to anybody or to relent and I dislike Mugabe. I find him racist. I find him to be an example of a man who is utterly deplorable. He, to my mind, is the worst racist of all!!!

    Look at what he has done to his ‘so called people’???He is the man to be feared!! He is a tyrant!!Why is he not being written about?? He is the one who is evil !! He is the villain here let us shed some light on macabre characters oh he springs to mind without a doubt!!

    I cannot find any goodness to redeeem Mugabe. He is the one I fear!!!

    but we were talking romance and marriages so to end this on a happy note


    I agree with you and like the way you said you are happily married and you are loyal.

    That is a positive sign in this correspondence we have had as it gives me hope that perhaps all of us can learn from this.

    and to show what I stand for and what I believe in when I say I see goodness in people- in contrast to evil men like Mugabe, to my mind, Richard is a saint-

    I like Mr Barnbrook, and yes he is a fiery tempered man, but he cools just as quickly too.He is a lovely man and he is doing a lot of good at the moment on the GLA. I don’t think he has the time of day to even date at the moment. I don’t think he knows what has hit him with the amount of problems that are facing London.

    know he is doing all the right things – just yesterday I listened to him on you tube.

    He is a kind man and has a heart of gold. I have to be honest here. I also feel many others are starting to listen to him. He wants what is best for the children in England and the main thing is that he is working flat out to solve the crime situation.

    Thank goodness for that!!

    I feel he deserves recognition for what he is doing and again I am focusing on all the good this man does.

    One can only respect Richard if one reads his articles which he writes on the GLA webpage. He is doing good. THAT to my mind is all that matters!!

    He says ‘I am worried about the elderly, I am worried that they do not have heating and that they are going to have hard times if these oil prices do not come down’

    He goes on to say he is concerned and saddened by the number of children who are dying needlessly.

    Just listening to this week’s videos of his on you tube, makes me more convinced that it is Richard Barnbrook who will turn London around. He with the other members of the GLA have a difficult road ahead and yet he is the one who is speaking out, and he is breaking his back, to change this crime situation and to eradicate it.

    He is a man who cares about people. He is prepared to work right through the night to ensure all of us can sleep safely in our beds.

    To my mind that is a virtuous man.

    He is out on the streets, talking to people, asking them ‘Tell me how I can help, how can I make London safe for all of you out there.’

    Well, I like that in him.

    I love the way he worries about the elderly. I read that he is even wanting to ride in bike marathon to raise money to help the aged. How kind is that?

    He has upset me at times – and yet he will always say to me ‘Rosy I am sorry if I snapped at you. I am under pressure at work and exhausted but I don’t want to make you sad’

    But he has brought me so much happiness too. He makes me laugh as he is so humorous. If you sit in his company and chat to him he is very very sweet. I had drinks with him one night last year and the more he spoke the more I thought ‘I like this man. He is strong charactered and highly intelligent too. He knows how to solve the problems in London he should be Prime Minister with his outlook. But I had never met him before in my life and my mother had only passed away a few weeks before and I was still in mourning., It was August last year.

    I chatted to him and he was so so comforting. I thought when I left him oh well, I will never see or hear from him again and that was that.

    But sometiimes life has other plans.

    He makes me laugh. Often I will be having a bad day and I will text him and say something to him and he will reply ‘what?????’ and say something so funny that I end up laughing so much and that is lovely.

    To think he was there, when I had lost the most important person in my life. All women will agree with me- it is so so bad when one loses a mother- one’s mother is one’s link to everything.

    I thought my life had ended when my mother passed away. She was a journalist like you, in her day and she also wrote articles like you, so yes, I come from that world too and I can fully support the work you do Sir.She lived in South Africa but was married to a Yorshireman. He also passed away two years before my mum passed away so the last four years in my life have been filled with grief and I lost my father at the age of 14. He was a fighter Pilot in the last world war and a brilliant surgeon.

    But the last four years in my life were very difficult because I lost the most important people and there are many people out there, like me, who have lost loved ones, and there is nothing in this world than death.

    Death is so final!!

    But when she died I was heartbroken. Then I met Richard out of the blue. I never ever planned it. It just happened.

    I laughed so much the night I met him. He laughed so much too. Oh he was so polite..He spoke to me about things I had never ever thought about. I was not into politics- I am a writer and travel is my passion.

    But I listened to him and there was no anger in him when he shared his dreams of how he hoped England would be a safe country again.

    He is a British gentleman and has old worldy values. He is different. He is outspoken yes, but I know him very well and a lovely person he is.

    He brought sunshine into my world. He made me happy. He always brings sunshine into my day. He brings joy to the aged who are lonely and sick, and to my mind, that is a beautiful person outwardly and inwardly.

    Anyway I have to end this long letter. I am writing a book here and you are a busy man too.

    I have enjoyed talking to you and thank you for your thoughts and comments.

    I am a romantic writer. Recently I wrote an article on about love and marriage. Would you like to read it ?

    I write under the name of Sarah Ferraro on Helium and Rosemary Ferraro for my other books and here is the link. I rushed it when I wrote it – sometimes I type so fast and rush things, and make mistakes as I speedtype but I hope you will enjoy it.

    All my books are on google and I love writing about people and travel, but I do it for enjoyment and relaxation as I too am so busy and get bogged down by life.

    I hope you have a lovely day today.

    I think I must focus on writing my other books now.

    from Rosemary Ferraro.

  8. Rosemary Ferraro Says:


    sorry I am rushing here so have typed this very quickly – apologies for any typing mistakes but have to run- and don’t have time to re read this – thank you and have a lovely day

    could you write an article on Mugabe???

    I think he needs to be torn to shreds with words on paper by a journalist- that man is getting away with murder- and there is a play on words !!

    from Rosemary

  9. Rosemary Ferraro Says:


    I just want to add this

    You mentioned you were only 29- my goodness me- you are so young- and against this information, that is really sweet that you say I am loyal and only 29- how lovely.

    Oh I have been around much longer and travelled the world, and seen many places and met so many different people.

    I enjoy talking to people as you have gathered just by this correspondence.

    Well, maybe you would enjoy Italy, being the romantic you obviously are.

    I love Italy too for holidays that is.

    It is a romantic country.

    I love writing about beautiful countries and places.

    You may enjoy reading this today

    Have a fun day.

    Life should be fun.

    from Rosemary

  10. […] have a representative on the GLA.  They have numerous councillors.  They purport to have the most popular website of any UK […]

  11. Rosemary Ferraro Says:

    Dear Sir

    Seems since I put this comment here I have had someone send me strange songs and threats at time on my you tube and then nice songs then bad ones and some days I wonder if I were wise to have said anything at all.

    I have never had to be afraid to speak out or to stand up for what I believe in but now I am not so sure.

    I was very good friends with Mr Barnbrook until he joined the GLA and I wrote these things based on what I knew of him and I knew him very well.

    I only wrote nice things based on the person I spent time with and came to know and he was always so sweet but now he seems afraid to even talk to me so I am not sure if my article helped or upset him-perhaps best remove it if it will help him in his career not to have this praise from me.

    i am working on more books and I would not want him being upset if I am not the person he wishes to have comments from as perhaps I meant well and he sees it differently I don;t know but i think best remove this if you can to help Mr Barnbrook as seems someone is not happy about me having known him.

    I only helped him whenever he turned to me and yet it seems to have caused me problems so perhaps to remove my positive comments of him if it is such an issue.

    I am writing books and seem to get threats too so I would rather not have all this unpleasantness as I am used to people being happy and really do not wish any problems for myself or him

    My privacy has been compromised in some ways too lately on the internet and it makes me realise that perhaps it is best I just write about things which have no bearing on Mr Barnbrook.

    Thank you

    Ms Ferraro

  12. Rosemary Ferraro Says:

    I also want to say that in hindsight I think you are a fantastic journalist and I praise the press for their accurate coverage of people- as I said ‘My late mother was a journalist’ and she used to say sometimes I was too innocent in my judgement of character

    I was not always as astute as she was – she always said journalists had a knack of sniffing out the real issues and I wish I had her sharp intuition.

    I am too naive at times and am inclined to make mistakes about people

    Wisdom and hindsight are always a good thing.

    But I could say so much more here but to do so would give the game away so best I leave it at that and leave you to your excellent articles

    I wanted to write and say perhaps I should have just read your article and said nothing at all

    May you and all the media always portray the truth

    that is what I feel is the best-keep vigilant – at all times-

    I wish you and all the Media the best – thank you for this very insightful article you wrote- it also opened up my thoughts earlier and now again-

    from Rosemary

  13. Rosemary Ferraro Says:

    This is to inform you that I no longer have any contact with Mr Barnbrook and wish to retract any comments left here as I wish to keep my life private and respect his privacy too so I am not linked to Mr Richard Barnbrook any longer.

    Thank you

    Ms Rosemary Ferraro

    ps I am also not available on facebook or you tube or any site such as that any longer. I wish to keep my private life thank you.

  14. tonikelly Says:

    Ms Ferraro,

    My name is Antonia Kelly, the wife of Paul who wrote this article.

    My husband is a writer, he is not a political campaigner of any kind, nor is he the kind of man to invade your privacy. If someone is sending you bad things, you can trace them – and will find that my husband would never do that. He – sorry if this sounds blunt – has better things to do.

    Paul appreciates any blog comment he gets, but this has gone too far now. This blog is no longer even on this page – it moved to Blogger months ago – and I only idly check the account to delete spam comments. This site is rarely visited since the move, and should you be having problems it is nothing to do with what you have written here.

    My husband’s opinions of Barnbrook himself are substantiated and agreed with by many. I suggest, in future, if you wish to protect your privacy you do not leave long comments defending a controversial figure’s reputation and then include not only your name but links to work you have done.

    I also sense that relations between you and Barnbrook have soured, and I am sorry for any grief he has caused you.

    Thank you for taking the time to read Impotent Fury, and I assure you nothing that you have said on this blog is the cause of your problems.

    Antonia Kelly.

  15. Rosemary Ferraro Says:

    Dear Mrs Kelly

    Thank you for your lovely letter. I think your husband is wonderful and he sounds like a sweet very morally good man and I do like the way you write.

    I can learn so much from you.

    I was having a bad hair day and my kittie hurt her leg too so I was nor feeling too good.

    I think very highly of Richard Barnbrook. He is a honey too and with me has always only been protective and very very kind.I only wanted to say the best about him and I do say lovely things about people if I find the best in someone.

    He has never ever said anything bad about any human being to me or ever said anything which sounded negative or hurtful to people and all I wanted to do was say the nice things about him.That is my opinon based on what I knew of him.

    I have nothing bad to say about him and I cannot comment on how our friendship has evolved as you so rightly said here the best is to say nothing at all so I will simply say thank you for your wise words and you sound as lovely as your husband Paul.

    I did and still do like the way he spoke to me and answered.You sound vrey happy and I appreciate your very thoughtful and gentle worlds

    I wish you both happiness and your marriage sounds very beautiful too.You are blessed

    You have made my day very happy today and even if this is no longer read by anyone I am happy that you brought me joy with your words and the kindness you showed to write to me knowing you and your husband have very busy schedules

    take care and my sincere thoughts to you both

    from Rosemary

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