For evil to prosper, we just need loads of twats

Before I smashed my right pinky in a kitchen accident of earth-shaking idiocy, I wrote a post about the desperate attempts by the Bigoted Nazi Party to portray themselves as a cuddly, modern party that absolutely doesn’t hate blacks and gays. As I may have failed to mention at the time, these efforts have already had ground-breaking results, bringing Griffin’s Gang no fewer than zero seats in Parliament. That’s not to say that their ideas haven’t found favour with some, however.

This guy decided to take me to task on my liberal, utopian viewpoint. He decided that I have a utopian viewpoint because he’s not very bright. Here, for those who don’t wish to swim through a sea of barely literate and hugely speculative piss, are his edited highlights (he’s the one in italics, I by extension am not).

So you are happy to let the UK be taken over by religious ideology which has its roots in 7th Century Arabia? – Yes, that’s EXACTLY what I said. Kudos on reading between the lines. When I said “Nick Griffin could pledge to dangle his dick in a bucket of custard on taking his seat in the House of Commons in the full knowledge that he won’t need to make good on it”, what I actually meant was “please open a Halal butcher’s in my living room”. Fuckwit.
During the early 70’s a plan was put into operation by which these people could take over the UK and Europe, this plan needed uncontrolled immigration of Muslims. – Wow, that’s quite a bolt from the blue, I must read the proof that you’ve so kindly provided. What’s that? You have none? Oh. Well, that’s a shock.
The plan has worked very well, within 50 years the British population on this Island will be a minority…FACT NOT FICTION. Now do you really believe that the Muslims will not bring in a Islamic state when they have the power to do so? – well, regular readers will know that, while I get a lot of my demographic information from deranged pricks in blog comments, I do sometimes look to the most recent Census. This belt-and-braces approach can sometimes lead to conflicting information. While my correspondent tells me that unlimited immigration from Muslim countries means that the British population on this island will be under Islamic rule by 2058, the Census seems to suggest that the White British section of the population makes up around 85% of the total population! Who to believe? The bell-end or the people who actually have the information at their fingertips? While one side has a devoted team of statisticians and all the data, the other types SOUNDBITES IN BLOCK CAPITALS.
Come on what is your plan apart from doing NOTHING? – well, gee, I dunno. I was just going to drape loads of bacon over myself and hope the Muslims would be scared to touch me.
So I await with baited breathe what your answer to this problem really is or are you just a big waste of breath like the rest of these mamby pamby liberals look here’s utopia idiots who think everyone is like you? – I myself am waiting with “baited breathe” to find out what “mamby pamby liberals” are. I think it’s like “namby pamby liberals” but with a bit more dancing. But I will agree, I am concerned about the rise in numbers of “look here’s utopia idiots” who think everyone is like me. I can’t move for those cunts, it’s becoming a real grind.
I am really considering joining the BNP and will most likely give them my vote and I don’t really care what you think about that – I had been labouring under the impression that everybody really cared what I thought about everything, and now this happens. I’m honestly not sure I can carry on living.

So there it is. For anyone who had previously thought all BNP voters were idiots, I bet you’re feeling really silly now.  For everyone else, I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of “Someone Talking Complete Balls And Tying It Together With False Statistics And Making Bewildering Assertions And For Some Reason Expecting Me To Feel Really Put Out That He Doesn’t Consult Me Before Forming An Opinion”.


7 Responses to “For evil to prosper, we just need loads of twats”

  1. We have always been a nation of communities but there has tended to be a common thread or two that links us together and which we’ve been happy to embrace and acknowledge.
    These days the communities, whatever their make-up, seem to be existing in complete isolation.
    There is little understanding of what neighbours are about. I watched a recent documentary based on a “white working class” estate where they genuinely believed that almost everyone living outside their community spent hundreds of pounds every week on designer clothes and stepped out of some living, breathing glossy mag advert. Needless to say they also believed the rest of the country looked down on them, even though they were ordinary, hard-working salt of the earth types.
    There isn’t just a lack of understanding these days, there is an unwillingness to even try – hence you get branded a blinkered liberal chasing a utopian dream, whilst the class warrior proud of his roots and heritage who criticises you takes the moral high ground without actually understanding the point you are trying to raise. Ignorance is bliss these days.
    There are a lot of shared concerns out there, but little recognition of the fact that the common ground exists.

    But I would say that as I’m a politically correct, middle-class lefty liberal living in a leafy suburb.

  2. Ha ha ha…I must have really shook your cage, all I got was 98 per-cent ad hominem , swearing and 2 per-cent gibberish, you are not as bright as the legend you think you are, didn’t your mum and dad teach you any manners because if using gutter language is a mark of your so called superior intellect, heaven help us poor not so bright people.

    Looks like you’re not very popular as a blogger because your comments section is a bit thin on the ground, and I can understand why.

    As to the comment above (Paul Groves) yes I was born on a council estate, no shame in that, I got out, I have traveled quite a bit of world, I served protecting your way of life, I know how the world works.

    An Imam proclaims “that we must live in a parallel society until we take over” (Undercover Mosque – Channel 4) he really means it, he was not arrested for that remark, yet a blogger , Paul Raye was arrested for writing about the activities of a large group of Pakistani Muslims, because he was upsetting the cohesion of our so called multicultural society.

    Some links for you to look at:

    Common Purpose

    Common Purose video

    I don’t know how links work on this board so you may have to copy and paste into your browser.

    I am not politically correct, it’s a scouge of our society and needs to be met head on.

  3. bootlegmarkchapman Says:

    Catmar, you mad delusional strange person, where to start?

    “you are not as bright as the legend you think you are” – eh? I’ve made no claims to superior intellect. Functional literacy, perhaps. As for “gutter language” I assume you mean swearing. Well, if it’s good enough for Chaucer, who are you or I to demean it? If you deign to call ME an idiot in your first comment, you’re on tremendously shaky ground taking me to task over a few swear words and saying you’ve “rattled my cage”.

    “Looks like you’re not very popular as a blogger because your comments section is a bit thin on the ground” – oooh, hit me where it hurts there. I don’t blog for the sake of comments, you moral pygmy, I blog for enjoyment.

    “yes I was born on a council estate, no shame in that” – no-one implied that it was shameful. Paul Groves didn’t, and I certainly wouldn’t either, seeing as I too grew up on council estates. Only you appear to have an issue with being working class.

    Your links, aside from being spectacularly biased, prove absolutely nothing. And if you say the white race/indigenous population is under threat in the UK, you need to provide COHERENT statistics to back this up. I’ve provided some which suggest that you’re talking out of your arse. I’m sorry if that falls under the heading of “ad hominem” in your world, but I guess us Illuminati types aren’t as noble as you. I merely provided some proof that you were talking tendentious nonsense, with no source nearly as credible as yours to back it up.

    Let’s get to brass tacks here – there is no way I will ever agree with you, nor you with me. I don’t expect you to. If you felt slighted by my original anti-BNP post, that’s your problem. Your initial comment contained a portion of false statistics, a portion of uninformed verbal assault upon the person you assume me to be, and a bizarrely defensive assertion which seemed to suggest that I was aiming for thought control. Your follow up largely continues this pattern while throwing in an isolated story which in no way proves your initial points. If you wish to respond, respond with coherent points, but do remember that in so doing you will be upping my comment count and pushing me towards a win in the bizarre online penis-measuring contest you have chosen to start.

  4. Catmar – I bow to your greater class credentials, your anonymity and your ability to completely miss the point anyone else is saying (unless you agree with them, obviously).

  5. Catmar

    “heaven help us poor not so bright people.” – I think that about sums it up though, doesn’t it catmar. You seem to have a hang up about these things.

    I’m sorry your sad little paradigm is entirely false, although it probably helps your self-esteem a little to believe everything you read and/or hear from a third party source.

    Here let me help you … everything you hear from the BNP and other sympathetic sources is false and/or twisted, you know taken out of context.

    As for the Quoran, I think you’ll find has innumerate translations and interpretations, in much the same fashion as there is of the Christians text of choice.

    “I have traveled quite a bit of world, I served protecting your way of life, I know how the world works.” – what do you want … a bloody medal? Were you ‘in the war’ or do you think you’re still in the bloody war? Fighting the ‘good fight’?

    Get a grip, it’s because of opinions like yours that there are so many divisions in our society, and yeah opinions like yours are without boundaries, infecting the ill-eduated and easily led wherever they find themselves.

    bootlegmarkchapman – sorry my first comment on your blog had to be in response to someone like that … niceblog though 😉



  6. bootlegmarkchapman Says:

    Don’t apologise Alasdair, there’s really no need. You’ve said a number of things I wish I’d said, and said them well. I’m also glad you challenged Catmar on the implied moral superiority regarding his military service. All too many people feel that serving their country entitles them to a level of respect and admiration that other people cannot attain – on top of the financial recompense it already offers them.

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