Welcome to Impotent Fury – one man’s battle with his inner rage.

Hello there. Welcome to a new blog dealing with … well, just about anything that pisses me off. Which can, on any given day, be just about anything at all. It’s 50% a current affairs blog devoted to opinion pieces on the issues that are making the news, and 50% an excuse for me to get really irate, swear a bit and make wholly self-aggrandising generalisations because I think it makes me look big and clever.

Comments are very welcome, although I cannot guarantee that I won’t go off the deep end if they disagree with my standpoint. Should miracles happen and you really quite enjoy my regular diatribes, I’m happy to take on board suggestions for relevant subjects. As far as mission statements go, I don’t really have one. I intend to be biased, sweary and, if I’m really lucky, occasionally amusing.

Now, on with the fury…


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